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How often should dentures be replaced?
It is advised that you replace your dentures every five years. Though many people wear their dentures beyond this time period if they are still comfortable enough or look okay, a denture wears over time. Dentures also accumulate bacteria and viruses in areas that are difficult to clean, and this buildup gets worse as time progresses.

How do I know if my dentures need to be replaced?
Your dentures may need to be relined or replaced if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

• Ongoing pain or sore spots

• Necessary use of adhesives

• Additional wrinkles surrounding the mouth

• Your dentures click, whistle, or slip

• You experience issues chewing

• Slurred speech

• You need to routinely use denture pads

• You or your loved ones feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your dentures.

What happens if I don’t replace my dentures?
The following are only a few of the harmful effects that people who wear dentures for more than five years may experience:

• Headaches, ear-aches, neck pain, and articulation problems

• Accumulation of bacteria. In severe cases this can lead to a deficiency in the immune system

• Difficulty chewing and difficult digestion, occasionally leading to colon problems

• Dietary issues

• Improper closing of the jaws which can make the mouth appear collapsed

• Bone loss and softening gums which can cause pain and irritated gums

If my dentures fit perfectly, do I still have to see a denturist regularly?
Yes. You should visit regularly because your mouth tissues can also show signs of disease not associated with dentures, but your Ottawa denturist can catch at an early stage. Besides checking up on your dentures, your denturist can also check for symptoms of oral cancer and other diseases. Additionally, they can examine your tongue, jaw joints, and gum ridges. If any concerns are noticed, the appropriate medical or dental referral can be arranged.

Will I be able to chew normally again?
Denture wearers can usually eat normally again once they have properly-fitted dentures. Very few people discover they have restrictions with what they can eat.

Can over-the-counter prescriptions and medications affect my dentures?
You should let your pharmacist and your denturist know which medications you are taking and that you have dentures. Various medications can affect denture fit and wearability.

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Last Updated On 2019-05-26