Complete Dentures in Ottawa, Ontario

Complete Dentures in Ottawa
What are dentures?

Complete dentures are typically used in the instance that all or most of your natural teeth are missing. The most commonly used types of complete dentures are equilibrated, conventional, and immediate.

Equilibrated Dentures:
Fully equilibrated dentures are designed to function as closely to the properties of your natural teeth as possible. While all dentures are designed with function in mind, equilibrated dentures have an extra focus on chewing. They are designed to match the motions your mouth goes through while eating to offer the least resistance possible. This is mainly done through new techniques and advancements in technology which allow for a more precise measurement than before. This allows your dentures to function closer to your natural teeth in these situations than earlier methods.

Conventional Dentures:
A conventional denture is largely an umbrella term for what people typically think of as dentures. The key classification of a conventional denture compared to other types, is that they do not require additional support. What that means is while some dentures may be supported by implants, a conventional denture is supported by the natural structure of your mouth. This may not be suitable in all situations, so it may be best to discuss alternatives with your Ottawa denturist.

Immediate dentures:
Immediate dentures can often be used in place as a conventional denture, but can be less effective. This is due to the fact it is created to be ready by the date your procedure is done, so may not be tailored to your mouth’s needs. However, this can be improved by taking steps to reline your denture or arranging for a more permanent denture to be created after.

Partial Dentures:
If you do not have a need for a complete denture, you may want to consider partial dentures. Partial dentures are made to assist when some teeth are missing, but there is still enough natural tooth structure remaining that only some assistance is needed. Click here to see more comprehensive information on our partial denture services in Ottawa.

If you feel that any of these options are right for you, or even if you would just like a bit more information, contact Sean Denture & Implant Center.
Last Updated On 2019-05-26