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Complete Dentures in Ottawa

What are dentures?

If you have missing teeth then you may want to consider complete dentures. Sean Denture & Implant Center is a specialist denturist in Ottawa that can provide you with advice and guidance on dentures along with a service for all kinds of dentures and denture repair. Ottawa residents can be confident that their denture needs will be met with our experienced team. 

The most common types of complete dentures:

Equilibrated Dentures:

Equilibrated dentures have an extra focus on chewing. These dentures are designed to closely match the properties of your natural teeth. The objective is to ensure a more precise fit (achieved through new technologies) to allow for a more natural and low resistance motion. Our Ottawa denturist team will be able to inform you of the suitability of these dentures, relating to your situation. 

Conventional Dentures:

The term ‘conventional dentures’ does not refer to a specific type of denture. It is a classification for dentures that are supported by your mouth, rather than dentures anchored with the help of an implant. The suction of the dentures to the roof of your mouth is what keeps these dentures in place but they are not suitable for everyone. It is advisable to discuss other types of dentures with your Ottawa denturist at Sean Denture & Implant Center.

Immediate dentures:

In place of conventional dentures, immediate dentures can be used. They are considered less effective than other types of dentures but the purpose of these is to be inserted immediately after the removal of teeth. They are not fitted as closely to your mouth as other kinds of dentures but they can be relined if necessary. If you are looking for immediate dentures in Ottawa, arrange an appointment with a denturist at Sean Denture & Implant Center.

Partial Dentures:

Sometimes you may only need a partial denture. These are used in circumstances where only some teeth are missing but there remains enough tooth structure that only partial support is required. 

If you are looking for a denturist in Ottawa for denture repair, denture fitting or advice on the most suitable denture solution then request an appointment today. Click here to request an appointment with Sean Denture & Implant Center.
Last Updated On 2021-01-19