Denture Over Implants in Ottawa, Ontario

Implants are tooth replacements which are often made with a material such as porcelain. This material is made to imitate the natural look of your teeth, and is set with titanium anchors to ensure its stability. Dental implants use medically-pure titanium devices that are planted into the jawbone and act as a stabilized anchor for the artificial tooth replacement (crown). Implants can secure either one tooth or several teeth, and act as an anchor for both upper or lower dentures.

Approximately 21% of all Canadians are missing either all or some of their teeth. As such, this is a very common condition and we are here to help. Implants can be surgically placed into the jawbone, given that the patients are in reasonable health. This procedure is designed for those who want to replace missing teeth or anchor their dentures. Your denturist in Ottawa will first determine whether or not you are a candidate for implants by thoroughly assessing your oral health. If they should find that you are not eligible, do not worry. There are alternative options and ways to encourage bone growth in the jaw.

Implants are meant for patients who:

• Are dissatisfied with loose dentures, either because of wear or a poor fit

• Would like to improve their comfort and ability while chewing when missing teeth

• Would like an oral appliance to fill a gap in their teeth

Dental implants are typically performed under local anaesthesia. The Ottawa denturist will fit dentures on the implants to provide stability, increased chewing forced, as well as reduced tissue irritations and decreased bone loss in certain situations. Book a consultation with Sean Denture & Implant Center today to find out more information. We are happy to answer your questions and help guide you to a desired option with your oral health.

The short videos below will give you further explanation on some of our different procedures.
Last Updated On 2019-05-26