Caring for your dentures:

Your dentures are not supposed to last forever. However, this section will provide you with information on tips on how to care for your dental appliances. This will help your dentures in Ottawa last longer and provide you with the most support that they can.

Brush and rinse your dentures daily:

Since your Ottawa denturist has tailored your dentures to substitute your natural teeth, you have to make sure they are cared for as such. You will have to clean your dentures to prevent bacteria or stains. To do so, use a soft-bristled brush to avoid damaging your denture and you should rinse them after every meal between brushing.

Dentures should be kept moist when you’re not wearing them:

Place your dentures in a denture cleanser soaking solution or, if you do not have some available, in water. Soak your dentures daily in warm water with a few drops of dish detergent or your preferred cleaner for 5-10 minutes. This will soften most debris that is left on your appliance that you were unable to get with brushing or rinsing. If your denture has metal attachments, be sure to ask your denturist to recommend the best methods for caring for your particular dentures in Ottawa.

Handle your dentures with care:

We know that accidents happen. In order to avoid accidentally dropping your dentures to the floor and damaging them, stand over a sink filled with water when handling or cleaning your dentures. This is to avoid any cracking or breaking that may occur if the dentures were to hit a hard surface. However, if you need us to repair your substitute teeth in a day, you will be glad to know that your denturist in Ottawa offers Repairs While-U-Wait to better suit your needs.

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Last Updated On 2021-01-19